Real Estate Advisory

The consultancy is the substance of the relationship of a professional with the client where his recommendation, evaluations, tips and strategies especially determine its final satisfaction. The investment and protection of real estate along with their acquisition or sale is always an opportunity to diversify their financial investments. In certain cases, where the capital shall be already allocated in a careful and personalized financial plan, the housing component can meet new and additional capital needs. The private advisory of the Duomo is to provide with a service of real estate advisory and consulting and support of established and specialized professionals, including through a network of external specialists of high reputation and established, is able to satisfy the most complex needs of the client, both nationally and internationally context, all with an absolute confidentiality. Particular attention is paid to the optimization of operations development, acquisition and sale, in legal terms, commercial and technical. It offers consultancy support to the client for monitoring the status of debtors in the supervision of individual activities, in monitoring the business plane to identify the ideal solution. The Duomo uses the advice and assistance to major law firms, engineers, notaries with the utmost care with which it examines the available documentation, by carrying out such a proper due diligence prior to completion of contractual party.